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If you're an artist with questions about the Mural Arts Program, this is the place where you can find answers!

Our Artist pages are a resource where artists not currently working with us can find information about how to get involved, and where those currently working with us can find information about meetings, Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) and trainings.

"We artists do live in Philadelphia and we know we can bring positive change in Philadelphia – one wall at a time."

Angela Crafton

"Each mural is an odyssey. The design is a map. With every mural I learn a lot about the people and the place I am painting for, and about myself."

David Guinn

"I needed direction in my life, and I found it with Mural Arts."

Eric, Art Education Student

"To those of us who work for the Mural Arts Program every day, our greatest accomplishment is in what lies behind these walls: the enrichment of thousands of young men and women through art and art education."

Jane Golden

Artist Application

Mural Arts employs more than 100 Artists a year. Apply to become a Mural Artist today!

Common Questions

Get answers to common questions from current and prospective Artists, download forms and browse employment opportinitues.

Mural Training Program

Learn more about our annual Training Program for Artists interested in adapting their skills to public mural-making.

2016 Summer Internship

Work alongside a professional muralist for a paid internship.