Zoo Mural

Posted 4 February 2013 by Anonymous

The Philadelphia Zoo Mural Project: From a Paintbrush to the Bush

The Philadelphia Zoo Mural Project
From a Paintbrush to the Bush
By Latanya Vicks

Other than a few school projects, my painting experience has been limited to finger and toenails. However, on Saturday, January 26, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and lend a hand in painting an 8,000 square-foot mural.

Ambitious, huh?

Posted 24 January 2013 by Steve Weinik


This morning marked our kick-off press conference for a new mural project at the Philadlephia Zoo. The event was great and the design beautiful, but the real stars were the Zoo on Wheels' Tom the red footed tortoise (above) and Machu the blue and gold macaw (below). 

Here's a design of the final mural by artist Eurhi Jones: