Evolving Face of Nursing

About The Project


Meg Saligman

Completion Date

1 October 2010


Broad and Vine Streets

Photos by Steve Weinik

To celebrate nurses and commemorate their contributions, the Mural Arts Program has commissioned nationally-renowned muralist Meg Saligman to design an innovative masterpiece that changes the way we look at public art and the nursing profession. 

Replacing the A Tribute the Nursing mural at the intersection of Broad and Vine Streets, the new mural – The Evolving Face of Nursing – will incorporate LED lights in a way unlike any other piece of public art that has been created in Philadelphia.  The mural will be one image by day, and a different one by night under the glow of the lights. 

The project is designed to honor the invaluable role of nurses by incorporating their stories of healing and hope into a transformative work of art that will be seen each day by tens of thousands of individuals as they travel past this busy intersection and through the city.  Saligman has researched and interviewed practicing nurses throughout the region.  The mural will represent a diverse range of nurses from students and directors, to home care and visiting nurses. 

The 6,500 square foot mural will integrate the portraits and words alongside historical nursing imagery and modern medical symbols.  Enhancing the magnificent design, the previously unexplored relationship between paint and LED light will generate remarkable effects. The elegant imagery will be lit with lights that will change color throughout the night.  The portraits will transform on the wall, glowing and shifting in color to draw in passing viewers.