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Posted 17 April 2014 by Julius Ferraro

We the Weeds: Story Elicitation at the Rec Center

Written by Julius Ferraro and Shari Hersh

Last Saturday, with its cloudless sky and spring warmth, may have been the most perfect day of the year thus far, and we spent it outside. At the Conestoga Rec Center in West Philadelphia, Mural Arts’ Restored Spaces Initiative, the Trust for Public Land, and artists We the Weeds painted, snacked on cookies, and talked horticulture with community members.

Posted 4 April 2014 by Rachel Quimby

Jamee Grigsby: A Passion for Art Education

Jamee Grigsby was always interested in art, but until she joined the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s after school workshops, she had no access to formal art education. In high school, Jamee was a part of an international exchange program with students from Dublin, Ireland. In that program, she had the opportunity to travel to Dublin and create collaborative art with the Irish students, such as a project about street signs, the law. She found direction in her life through Mural Arts. She says of the program, “without it I would’ve never truly pursued a career in art”.

Posted 28 March 2014 by Rachel Quimby

A Catalyst for Healing: Jeane Cohen

Jeane Cohen, Workshop Coordinator for the Porch Light Program, started with the Mural Arts Program as a summer intern in 2013.

Posted 26 March 2014 by Steve Weinik

Golden, Updike at the Free Library, Podcast

If the snow kept you inside last night, but you still wished you’d been able to attend Jane Golden and David Updike’s talk at the Free Library, you’re in luck. It’s available for download today.

Golden and Updike talked about our newest book, Mural Arts @ 30 and the growth of Mural Arts over the past 30 years. Golden delivered a passionate and inspiring case for the value of public art and the ways in which it shapes individuals and communities.

Posted 25 March 2014 by Joe Goldblum

A Letter to the Editor From Our Board Chair

In response to Philadelphia Inquirer Architecture Critic, Inga Saffron's March 20th Changing Skyline column: Mural Arts Program's entry into Fairmount Park crosses boundaries