The Mural Arts Program is a unique public/private organization that leverages public funding with private support.

Since 1984, The Mural Arts Program has been serving Philadelphia’s communities, using art to ignite physical transformation and social change. More than simply art on walls, our projects work with artists and residents to create meaning and impact in our city and in the lives of individuals. We work through our three program areas: Art Education, that provides youth with free summer and out-of-school educational opportunities, Behavioral Health, that partners with local service providers and their clients struggling with behavioral health issues, and Restorative Justice that works with inmates and former inmates to use art to break the cycle of crime and violence. We host tours of our murals for more than 10,000 residents and visitors from all over the world each year.

As a public-private partnership, Mural Arts leverages a modest allocation of public funds with private dollars to make our work sustainable. We rely on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations and we are deeply thankful to all of our supporters over the years. 


"The Mural Arts Program has helped to inspire me. I'm even considering going to college now."

Celiz Heredia, Mural Corps Student

"We’re an antsy bunch, and proactively committed. When we walk into a room, we walk in ready to make great things happen. And when we say we will, we will."

Mural Arts Core Value

"Each mural is an odyssey. The design is a map. With every mural I learn a lot about the people and the place I am painting for, and about myself."

David Guinn