Restorative Justice Tours


The restorative justice tour shines light on the ways individuals can be a positive contributor to their communities to repair the prior harm they may have caused as an innovative approach to rehabilitation in Philadelphia. See murals painted by incarcerated individuals and those in reentry as part of our Restorative Justice program.

We provide a menu of options for this tour:

The tour options include:

-Tour murals on a van ($490) or trolley ($690) we rent, or on your vehicle ($290)

-Screen the award-winning documentary Concrete, Steel & Paint ($200 screening fee)

-Lunch at Jack's Firehouse, next to Eastern State Penitentiary ($25 all-inclusive)

-Tour historical Eastern State Penitentiary ($8 per person)

-Receive a research packet on restorative justice & crime statistics and our more details about our work ($10 per person copy fee)

-Receive a copy of the poetry book Healing Walls, published in concert with the Healing Walls mural project ($10 per book)