Our Vision Our Testament

About The Project


James Burns

Completion Date

9 October 2012


2534 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19132

Our Vision, Our Testament, © 2012 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program/ James Burns . Photo by Steve Weinik

The mural is entitled Our Vision, Our Testament and represents a partnership between Mural Arts, S.T.O.P., and the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual DisAbility Services. The mural design for S.T.O.P. is a visual representation of the dialogue that took place during the weekly Porch Light workshops with S.T.O.P. clients between October 2011 and May 2012. During the workshops, participants responded to questions such as: What do you value about community? What are the things that make a community thrive? Participants responded through words, lists, and collages. The design for the mural is derived from this investigative and communal process, and strives to represent the voice of the community and the spirit of its values. The mural is a part of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's Porch Light Initiative - an initiative striving to improve the health of individuals and communities through human connection and art - and is a reflection of the creativity and effort put forth by Porch Light program participants, artist James Burns, and over 250 community members at and around S.T.O.P. who supported the work.

ASSISTED BY: Kala Hagopian, Monica Mathieu, Kien Nguyen, Ali Williams, Julianna Fomenko, Francisco Wang, Michael Whittington, Tjai Abdullah