Wissahickon Crossing

About The Project


Ann Northrup

Completion Date

10 November 2012


8126 Germantown Ave

Photo by Steve Weinik. 

The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and Bredenbecks’ Bakery are proud to have completed Chestnut Hill’s first mural. Wissahickon Crossing, which began in 2011, was designed and painted by artist Ann Northrup after a dynamic and competitive artist selection process. The mural design is taken from a pleine-aire watercolor painted on location by Ann. It features a scene at the confluence of Cresheim Creek with the Wissahickon River, and a view of Forbidden Drive hidden by trees. The mural is reproduced with a tactile hand and brilliant glazes unusual in mural painting. It is framed by architectural and botanical details that unite it with its Chestnut Hill setting.

Wissahickon Crossing is the Mural Arts Program’s first mural in Chestnut Hill, and was completely financed by individuals and businesses in Chestnut Hill.