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Posted 15 September 2015 by Carly Rapaport-Stein

Familias Separadas: Stories of Philadelphians

With our contemporary modes of communication, we don’t often think about distance as a barrier to seeing our loved ones. The global interconnectivity of email and social media means that pictures and stories of our family and friends who live on opposite coasts can pop up smilingly in our inbox and newsfeed, generating a sense of connection with those far away. There’s a comfort in the connectedness of our lives, a comfort that I often take for granted.

Posted 9 September 2015 by Carly Rapaport-Stein

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer During Open Source

You can learn something new. Artist talks, lectures, panels, creative art making - Open Source is chock-full of opportunities to expand your horizons.

You can meet other great people. Mural Arts staff are passionate about what we do, and we attract volunteers who are passionate about art and ideas. You should definitely spend October getting to know us!

Posted 8 September 2015 by Carly Rapaport-Stein

Partners: Shake Shack Serves Up Public Art

Mural Arts creates incredible programming and incredible art, but we don't do it alone. Partnerships are at the core of everything we do - partnerships that involve community members, artists, various departments of the City of Philadelphia, and all types of organizations and corporations. Want to read more about one of our partnerships?

Posted 4 September 2015 by Isabelle Singer-Kaufold

Dedication: The Johnny Sample Mural

On a sweltering Saturday at the end of August, the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program dedicated a mural of Johnny Sample at the Cobbs Creek Community Center.  The dedication was initially set to be an intimate gathering, but the chairs filled quickly, and people soon began to spill out onto the sidewalk, all listening intently to the speakers at the podium. 

Posted 25 August 2015 by Carly Rapaport-Stein

Open Source in 15 Seconds: MOMO

As a part of our city-wide Open Source exhibition, New Orleans-based artist MOMO stepped in to the classroom. Partnering with our Arts Education program and students from Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School (K-CAPA) and Freire Charter School, MOMO worked with students for four hours a day, teaching them about practical geometry and using geometry exercises to enliven the math concepts.