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Posted 7 January 2014 by Steve Weinik

2013 Year in Review

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Posted 20 November 2013 by Steve Weinik

Seeds of Change Revisited

In August, we posted about our latest Restored Spaces project at Shoemaker Mastery Charter school in West Philadelphia. Part of the project included a seed dispersing mural created by artist Kaitlin Pomerantz.

In this part of the project, seed packets were wheat pasted to the side of the school. In theory, as those packets disintegrated and dispersed the seeds, native wildflowers would sprout from the ground below. In practice, they did exactly that. The early results are beautiful.

Posted 6 November 2013 by Steve Weinik


If you spend any time at all tuned into street art in Philadelphia, then you know Joe Boruchow. His black and white wheatpastes are unmistakable. While the work isn’t sanctioned, his public compositions on mailboxes, big belly trash cans and other 2d surfaces are so thoughtful in placement and clean in design, that they’re often mistaken for legal artwork.

Posted 1 November 2013 by Steve Weinik

Art is Power: Julia Gruen

Thought Mural Arts Month ended with October? Not quite.

November 2nd marks the last of our Mural Arts Month events, the re-dedication of Keith Haring's We The Youth at 22nd and Ellsworth Streets.

Our final Art is Power installment comes from the Executive Director at the Keith Haring Foundation, Julia Gruen.

Posted 31 October 2013 by Steve Weinik

Art is Power: Jane Golden

As Mural Arts Month comes to a close, we hear from our Executive Director Jane Golden as she finishes the sentence: "Art has the power to..."

Happy Mural Arts Month!