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Posted 18 March 2014 by Todd Bressi

Join Us! Looking At Cities with Jenny Odell

What does an artist whose work consists primarily of collaging images that she culls from the Internet have to do with muralmaking, or community-based art practice?

A lot, as it turns out.

Jenny Odell, who is based in San Francisco, uses the virtual world as a lens for looking at the physical world.

We call her lecture “Looking at Cities” because her work offers a new approach to the basic but profound task of making observations about the world around us based on what we see.

Posted 11 March 2014 by Rachel Quimby

Transforming Lives: Robyn Buseman

Robyn Buseman (far left) poses with graduating members of the Guild Program in August 2012

Posted 5 March 2014 by Steve Weinik

Viking Ship COMPLETE

Dennis Mcnett's Viking ship project was wrapped up at the end of last week. (For background on this project, click here.) I visited his temporary studio at the Asian Arts Initiative on Friday afternoon, just before he left town.

Posted 3 March 2014 by Steve Weinik

Location Scouting

One of my favorite assignments as Mural Arts photographer is location scouting for upcoming projects. We've got something super-secret coming up along the Fishtown - Frankford corridor of the Market-Frankford el, (no, it's not Love Letter II) . Last week I took a trip with the artist, project manager and a partner from Hidden City Philadelphia to identify former and current industrial buildings visible on the corridor. Just for fun, here are some images that came out of the trip and that will be used to develop the project.

Posted 20 February 2014 by Steve Weinik

Mural Arts Builds Viking Ship for Wolfbat Tribe

On the third floor of the Asian Arts Initiative’s headquarters on Vine street, New York based artist Dennis Mcnett and our art education students have been hard at work building a Viking ship.

This is Mcnett’s second Viking ship build in the city and his first project with Mural Arts. I visited the class yesterday afternoon where they were preparing papier-mâché helmets and shields.