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Posted 5 November 2014 by Virginia Harrison

Get to Know a Patron: Jim Colligas of Colligas Family Markets

When Jim Colligas bought a ShopRite supermarket at Front and Snyder Streets in South Philadelphia in 2005, he saw more than an opportunity to serve a community with his store. He also saw a way to bring his neighborhood together.

Jim and his wife, Suzanne, had long been fans of the Mural Arts Program. What started as curiosity grew into admiration for the art of mural making and a deep understanding of the power of murals as storytellers.

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Posted 3 November 2014 by Rachel Luber Cevera

Finding Philadelphia on 13th Street

A Philadelphian since birth, I was raised to be an advocate for all that our city has to offer. As a child I spent many Saturdays at local community theaters and Sundays at the Art Museum, and traveling around the city was never just about getting from place to place. It was also an opportunity to learn and grow, one I have never taken for granted. My parents and grandparents taught me to always embrace the ever evolving melting pot that we are fortunate enough to live in.

Posted 28 October 2014 by Steve Weinik

One-on-One With Ernel Martinez

Ernel Martinez came to Philadelphia twelve years ago as a student at the University of Pennsylvania. There, he took a class with Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Mural Arts Program. Since then, Martinez has featured prominently in Mural Arts’ body of work, having worked as a lead or assistant artist in close to 30 projects across Philadelphia. His latest, ASpire: No Limits will be dedicated Saturday November 8.

Posted 23 October 2014 by Anonymous

Celebrating Dr. Shawn L. White in Paint and Deed

On November 1st, we'll be concluding this year's Mural Arts Month with perhaps our biggest mural dedication of the season. ASpire is a mural and community outreach program inspired by and honoring the work of Shawn L. White, Ph.D.

Posted 20 October 2014 by Steve Weinik

One-on-One with muralist Willis Humphrey aka NOMO

For the better part of the last decade, artist, designer and educator Willis Humphrey aka Nomo has been building a deep body of work with Mural Arts.