Art Education

The Art Education Department at Mural Arts offers year-round art instruction at no cost to Philadelphia youth ages 10 to 22. Our program invites you to take risks in your art, give voice to your experiences, and illustrate the world as you see it. At one of over 25 sites across the city, our team of teaching artists will connect you to Mural Arts’ major public art projects through class projects that range from independent small-scale pieces to large-scale collaborations.

Be an artist.
Be an entrepreneur.
Be an innovator.
Be a Philadelphia Original.

Our diverse offerings give you the opportunity to study and master various media by working with locally, nationally, and internationally known artists. At Mural Arts, you will learn that art can open doors. You will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio, showcase your artwork at exhibitions and mural dedications, and apply to scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities.

Become the positive change you want to see in your community and city by joining the Art Education Program at Mural Arts today.

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